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Welcome to a world of unparalleled eye care. At Atlanta Eye Consultants, we blend expertise, advanced technology, and personalized service to safeguard your vision. Discover comprehensive solutions for optimal eye health and clarity.

Dry Eye Care

Relieve discomfort with our Dry Eye Solutions. Personalized care for lasting relief, ensuring comfort and improved eye health.

Retina Repair

Precision Retina Repairs: Advanced procedures for retinal issues, ensuring optimal vision and eye health restoration with expert care.

Refractive Errors

Clear vision awaits! Address refractive errors with precision at Atlanta Eye Consultants. Our expert care ensures personalized solutions for all refractive errors

Cornea Transplant

Restore vision with Cornea Transplant. Expert procedures to replace damaged corneas, offering renewed sight and improved eye health.


Safeguard your vision from Glaucoma. Comprehensive care to manage and prevent this sight-threatening condition, ensuring lasting eye health.

Macular Plucker

Precision Macular Plucker: Advanced procedure for targeted treatment, ensuring optimal vision restoration with expert care.

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Macular Pucker

Cornea Disorder

Dry Eye


Macular Pucker

Cornea Disorder

Refractive Errors

Dry Eye

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what they say about our clinic

I felt very confident with his care for my mother and recommend this center for anyone considering eye checks.

Jovan Thomas Client

Has been my doctor for 20 years. Very experienced! They have the latest technology.

Jmalloy Client

Exceptional care! Professional staff, advanced technology. My vision improved significantly. Grateful for their expertise.

Puri Maha Client

Outstanding service! Skilled doctors, thorough exams. State-of-the-art facility. My go-to for eye care excellence.

Kumto Warming Client